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Open Plan Kitchens – Some Advice

If you plan to renovate or extend or your home, you may be considering an open plan kitchen design.

What is an Open Plan Kitchen ?

Open-plan kitchens tend usually combine the kitchen and dining area, kitchen and living room or all 3 areas ie a kitchen /dining / living area all in one.

Why are Open Plan Kitchens So Popular ?

There are many reasons why people love open plan kitchens, for example by removing any dividing walls and doors that interrupt the flow between each room, you maximise your available space.

Open plan is also more sociable, with “the chef” not being isolated from the main entertaining space during parties and also this allows for more guests to gather within the same room. An open plan kitchen is also great for kids as they can play or do homework in the living area while the parents prepare meals within the kitchen.

Designing An Open Plan Kitchen

Especially when open plan, a kitchen should be so much more than just useful. A modern-day kitchen should match your home’s interior design scheme – a thing of beauty to showcase your living space. Especially important if you’re entertaining, a kitchen should be as aesthetically beautiful as it is to use.

Additional furniture in the style of your kitchen can also contribute to the overall blend such as a media unit, sideboard, shelving, and some appropriate seating. Basically we want to help you design a fluid feel to your kitchen / living space and give you the best of both worlds.

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