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Kitchen Islands – Some thoughts …

With large kitchen / dining rooms becoming every more popular, a kitchen island is a modern must have !

Kitchen islands are becoming much more than just a centre-piece, increasing worktop and food prep space. Since COVID-19 they’re also an ideal spot for school homework or even a makeshift office area, a place to to link up virtually with work colleagues, and even some online social time with friends and family.

So what are the key considerations for your new luxury kitchen ? Firstly, size, so ensure you measure the floor space so the island will fit with plenty of room to spare.

Secondly storage, as large cupboards  in a kitchen island are ideal for large appliances such as mixers and food processors, bread makers and slow cookers. And open shelves display cookbooks & glassware beautifully.

In smaller kitchens, where plumbing allows. a sink set in the middle of the island is a great solution freeing up wall space and an extra small fridge or wine chiller can very useful if you’re short on space.

Lastly feature lighting such as overhead pendants can look amazing and help you work, prep, and play!

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