fitted kitchen

Handleless kitchen are without doubt both elegant and trendy.

But are handleless kitchen units right for you ?

Every element of your kitchen should be matched to suit your lifestyle.

Handleless kitchen units fit with most contemporary homes, with an effortless “smoothness” making them ideal  for open plan style kitchen/living. However you may prefer a more practical approach with easier to open doors using traditional handles and rocking the “classic country look”.

For and Against

Again the pros and cons can be doors without handles will attract finger smudges, but no handles mean you won’t catch your clothing when moving around the kitchen.


Cost can also be a factor as (very generally speaking of course) handless kitchen units are more expensive.

Free Kitchen Design

Tailored Kitchens London offers a huge choice of kitchen units with and without handles – so don’t over think it 🙂 Book a free kitchen design visit and our expect designers will give you all the options you could need to help you make the right choice.

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