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Your New Unique Kitchen

Designing your new kitchen is exciting and rewarding, but it requires a great deal of thought. Most kitchens are unique, from layout to appearance, which is why design everything from scratch to really maximise your space and your time in the kitchen.

Plan Ahead

Before you book a free design visit it’s often a good idea to draw up a really rough plan yourself using a bit of graph paper. Draw in your kitchen layout from doorways and windows to any other important factors such as your boiler and radiators. Whilst plumbing and electrics can be moved around this can create a larger project costing more and taking longer to complete.

What’s Important

Our kitchen designers will have plenty of suggestions and advice, but mapping out your ideas in advance will really help you define your wants and needs. So this typically involves appliances, storage space and size of worktop space.

Cost Considerations

It always helps our designers to give you the appropriate options if you have an idea of a sensible budget for your new kitchen. We’re happy to provide options to suit all pockets.

Finer Points

As above, we can give you unlimited options depending on how much you’re looking to spend – so the finishing touches such as lighting, work surface materials, taps, handles, splashbacks can all make the difference between “nice” and “WOW!”

Contact An Expert

We’d love discuss your new kitchen ideas – so contact our kitchen design team today.

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