The Best Kitchen Worktops

kitchen worktop

A kitchen worktop is typically used every few hours from cutting, to food-prep and cooking so it has to be durable and practical. And as it’s such a large feature of the kitchen, we believe the worktops should look great too.

Choose the right kitchen worktop materials

Every material a kitchen worktop is made of has its own unique benefits so it’s important to consider these in advance and which are your main priorities.

Heat & Water Resistant

As kitchen work involves heat and water, the best material will always cope with both factors to avoid cracks, chips and permanent damage eg hot utensils on the worktop which can damage the surface unless it’s heat-resistant.

A wet surface can also harbour dangerous diseases, so a water-resistant worktop can remain clean & hygienic.

Scratch Resistant

Scratches one kitchen worktops can allow dirt to accumulate, which is both unhealthy and looks poor. Ideally a kitchen work surface is easy-to-clean and scratches will affect this.

Stylish & Suitable

The kitchen is often considered the centre-piece of a home, and one of largest features of the kitchen is the worktop. So the design, finish and colours need to blend or even make a statement that matches or reflects the overall vibe of your home.

Affordable / Value for Money

We provide quotes in advance so you can compare the various types of kitchen worktops, but here is some advice about the different materials that are often used for kitchen worktops.

Quartz Worktop

A Quartz kitchen worktop provides a modern, sleek appearance with a smooth and durable surface. Quartz worktops are extremely resistant to scratches, stains & fingerprints. A quartz kitchen worktop can have a stunning marble or grain effect and thick or slim in depth. Worktops made of quartz are easy to clean and therefore hygienic.

Marble Worktop

Marble kitchen worktops also share similar benefits to Quartz but typically are more susceptible to damage, wear and tear. Marble is often found in the mid-budget kitchen range and can be easily installed into any kind of kitchen with the correct installation.

Granite Worktop

Granite worktops are often highly recommended by interior designers as they’re durable,  heat resistant, easy to clean and have a luxurious smooth finish. Granite is a natural stone formed from compressed volcanic lava so cracks and scratches rarely occur and cleaning is easy with soap and water.

Wood / Laminate Worktop

Wood / laminate worktops are much cheaper and so are often used to reduce costs – or of course when a more traditional kitchen look such as a shaker style is desired. However maintaining a laminated worktop can be more difficult as they more easily damaged.

We’d love discuss your new kitchen ideas – so contact one of our fitted kitchen designers today.

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