kitchen sinkStainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

According to sources almost 70% of kitchen sinks are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a smart and cost effective choice, so no wonder it’s so popular. Stainless steel is heat and stain resistant (aside from water spots), and pretty easy to keep clean.

Cast Iron Kitchen Sinks

Cast iron always stands the test of time for both durability and style. The porcelain enamel used in cast iron sinks makes it practical being extra durable and stain resistant. The only downside is cast iron is extremely heavy which usually leads to a more expensive installation, but once in place it’s really  easy to clean,  hardly marks and doesn’t fade from in sunlight.

Ceramic Kitchen Sinks

Ceramic sinks are extremely durable, made from moulded ceramic clay using a porcelain enamel. While it can lat longer than it’s cast iron counterpart, enamel is prone to chipping and it’s more expensive. However ceramic kitchen sinks do a timeless, classic style.

Composite Kitchen Sinks

Composite sinks look great with granite work tops, really blending in beautifully. A composite sink is made of ground granite or quartz and mixed with resin.  In fact a composite mix is actually more durable than solid granite, looks just as good and requires very little maintenance.

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